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Why manglai?

Management, analysis and reporting of the carbon footprint

Main benefits of starting to measure your carbon footprint

Complies with regulations

Keep your company compliant with environmental regulations by 2025

Access financing

Meet the requirements to access financing and tenders

Reduce operating costs

Optimize processes and consumption to reduce operating costs

Auditable reports

Generate detailed and accurate auditable reports automatically

Improve your brand image

Communicate your sustainability efforts to your customers and suppliers

Fight climate change

Join the companies that have committed to the paris agreement


Committed to the highest standards in carbon footprint measurement

Following international standards such as ghg protocol and iso 14064.


GHG Protocol



ISO 14064

ISO 14064

Our product

Manage your emissions from start to finish

From measurement to certification with ai-powered tools

Calculation of emissions in real time

Calculation of carbon emissions in all scopes (1, 2 and 3).

Intelligent data classification and management

Analysis and automatic classification of invoices using ai.

Recommendations and alerts system

Data analysis and personalized recommendations.

Impact analysis and interactive dashboards

Customizable interactive dashboards.

Integrations with platforms

Data integration from the main platforms (erps, fleet management, employees, etc.).

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Join us and become part of the solution to combat climate change.

Created for businesses

Why manglai?

Measurement and management of the carbon footprint in companies

In today's digital and ecological era, measuring the carbon footprint has become an essential component for any company conscious of its environmental impact. manglai offers an advanced solution for companies looking to not only measure, but also reduce their carbon footprint. with our platform, sustainability is effortlessly integrated into business strategy, providing detailed reporting and clear actions to encourage greener business management.

Environmental certification for sustainable businesses

Achieving business sustainability goes beyond simply measuring the carbon footprint; it involves making informed decisions that align with global environmental goals. manglai positions itself as a strategic partner, providing not only the tools but also the expert consulting to obtain recognized environmental certifications. we collaborate closely with environmental consultancies to ensure that your company not only meets current standards, but also leads in sustainable innovation.

Technological solutions for a sustainable future

Our mission is to equip companies with business sustainability software that facilitates the transition to low carbon operations. from carbon footprint solutions to comprehensive environmental impact measurement platforms, manglai is at the forefront of the shift toward a greener future. through our data-driven approach, we help companies identify key areas for emissions reduction and implement sustainable practices that make a difference.

Guiding businesses towards net-zero emissions through AI-driven solutions.

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